It’s MOOster, and this cow isn’t as innocent as she looks. Just out of frame is a very very sharp knife.

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hmmm biltong.

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I wanted to mooster last week but you were playing premium stuff :frowning:
Sad bear was sad, specially after download a 22GB installer!



I was under the impression that you got premium, though.

Naa never had premium, looked at it at one stage but the game was too broken to justify it.

How difficult is it to have a non-premium muster next Thursday?

Not terribly.

If you could squeeze in a few non premium maps that would be just dandy.
I spent a few hours of the last two weeks trying to join each map rotation only to be given bat :sadpanda:

I will set up a vanilla rotation.

I will give you teh_smooches.
Also do you guys still use TS?
Cant find the details in any threads here.

That would be here:

Thanks fella, see you guys for some mooster loving tonight.

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Dammit, just finished my BF4 download and now we’ve got load shedding scheduled from 21:00… argh! :angry:

Thanks for doing the vanilla thing last night chappies, was much appreciated.
And all of you that knifed me, you suck!


Thx to Eskom & Tshwane there goes our musters. Region 13

So according to what they’re saying there, why the hell are they even bothering with a schedule?

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Can we not just play another night in the interim? Tues or Wed?

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I got load shed last Thurs too