Mweb to use their users to create the ultimate free wifi zone

Very interesting read , can work but I’m not sure what it will do with your bandwidth and if it will be shared with the free wifi zone you create or will you have dedicated speed on your private wi-fi or can I link to your free wifi and abuse it ?

Yeah that kind of gets my goat. They introduce this, some tosser connects to your free wifi hotspot and bam you get throttled.

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I was thinking that as well , and I’m sure once you have a mweb router like that you can’t access it , losing all controll of your custom settings ( port forwarding / QOS ) you want to do

I guess time will tell . they do say the company doing this is been going on across the world and everyone is saying it works well

I don’t trust my neighbors lol , so no thank you .

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What TG said.
Uhm NO THANKS swemweb :finnadie:

Ps. According to this if one was unshaped one could download 648GB a month on 2Mb/s
24hours a day for 30 days.

and get 200+ms pings in bf4 because some tard is torrenting on my wifi … errrm no thanks!

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They called me last night and when I asked about latencies etc. the lady insisted that there would be absolutely no influence on my speed or anything else.
They should be delivering the router today or tomorrow.

Not really sure what to think, but I’ll try it out for a bit.

The chances of some bloke connecting to my wifi point are slim to none anyway.

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I’ve got the router now, but they don’t have stock of the range extenders. Don’t think I’ll install it until the extender arrives… I saw in the documentation that you have to call MWeb to change passwords etc. Is that true? It would be a bit of a hack having to reconfigure all laptops, PCs, cellphones, TV and tablets otherwise.

So if my neighbor has this, what’s the restrictions on the ‘free wifi side’ does it use that MWEB hotspot stuff? I.E ‘free’ as in you get 30 minutes before you have to buy data. So technically Mweb will use your location and your power and your adsl line to make money … hmmm …

I heard that if you are a mweb subscriber the internet would be free for you , even if you use your neighbours connection

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How can you be a subscriber but have free internet, I’m confused

On the wifi portion maybe?

Basically what they are saying is , if you a Mweb user , anywhere in SA , you can connect to mweb users wifi for free . ie you travel from Pta to CT for business , and stay at a guesthouse that does not have internet , but their neighbor does have mweb solution as mentioned … you can connect to that for free .

basically making every mweb user a hotspot for other mweb users to use as they will .

I guess they could also implement like always-on and those guys a 30min for free system
but I think the idea is to make everyone go onto mweb to have free wifi everywhere

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flip - no thanks. I have an entire shopping centre with coffee shop and all across the road, like 50m away. NO WAY am I opening up my wifi to that kind of potential abuse

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as far as I understand , once you have the new mweb router , you don’t really have a choice…

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That’s why you don’t get the new MWEB router.


While I understand the concept now (which is very cool) I wouldn’t do it on my own line, I’m stingy like that. Oh and I’d need MWEB as an ISP. I’m happy with Vox thanks, cheaper & the service is second to none, they respond to my email queries within minutes. Now it’s time to get all up in Telkom’s face about the exchange issues my side, this latency is unacceptable.

Think it’s kind of a WUG that they can make money off - the advantage to me would be the Wifi range extender.
They said that your traffic is prioritised so you won’t notice it - that is yet to be proven. Wonder who would look after the DSL if it’s struck by lightning? I’d imagine they would have to replace the unit for you?
Don’t like the thought of losing control of the settings on the router… also yet to be checked out.

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@Vorty you can get a range extender for like R 400 bucks , so it’s not a big advantage

Can someone please explain to me the difference between these.

Didn’t have time to try figure out the darn difference. Was hoping someone already knows.
Now that Telkom fixed my line i’m on 2Mb but realized my downloads all still creep at 1Mb.
So obviously it`s emweb.

Shaping & throttling if the difference between the two.