Network Bandwidth allocation

Hey guys

I hope one of you are a network guru …

a client of mine runs around 60 odd wifi units all over their place , some are private and some are for public users.

now they are running over multiple switches with vlans with a fiber backbone . they have a linux firewall on site managing their wifi areas , in dhcp , dns , restrictions and so forth .

they are looking to upgrade their current internet connection from a 10Mbps connection to a 100 Mbps .

now comes the questions :slight_smile:

they want to be able to allocate part of their 100Mbps to certain sections of their network , in the sense of
area A , big conference center , need dedicated 20Mbps internet connection . Area B , open area and restaurant … dedicated 50 Mbps connection , private use 5 Mbps

you understand what they need.

now what would be the best way or a way of doing this ?
ip based per section ? and allocating bandwitdth to ip ranges
Vlans to areas and allocating it that way

any ideas to push me in the right direction to get this sorted ?

Thanks for the help guys

Depends on what router they are using, the cisco’s can split the vlan range and allocate a certain bandwidth to them only. Quite easy. I’m not a cisco guy but i know it can be done as we have that here. The guest wifi vlan/iprange is limited to 4mbps

yeah , currently that is done on site as well , but now they want to have sub sections in the vlans running own limits but also have it being able to grab more if available

Best to speak to a network guy :slight_smile:

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Pfft we know you are that guy :stuck_out_tongue:

I normally do stuff like that via my ubiquity AP’s you can set the speed limits on them.
Alternatively you can create virtual adapters on the linux box for each lan segment i.e eth0:1 eth0:2 etc then just run something like wondershaper on it and set the interface speed for each through that. It basically creates shaping rules on the adapter where you just set the up/down speeds on it.

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Hey @arby speaking of those AP’s my two arrived. You were spot on, things are awesome! Thanks duder.

I cant believe the quality of the product for its price. I honestly prefer them to the cisco’s that I run at some sites.
The scalability is awesome too, if you need more coverage you just pop another one on the network and the controller software picks it up and auto-provisions it, job done :smiley: