New topic for Stoolie

Hi Stoolie,
Your mac is broken, kthx :stuck_out_tongue:

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and so it begins….

Meh the site says Im a new user and so it wont let me post in the shoutbox again.
Please add me to the clan members when you get a chance fella.

ja nee

(ja nee)

The clan members (wrg_clan) group is purely a group. It also allows setting security on categories.

The trust levels are automatic. You get upgraded when you create X amount of topics, or X amount of replies or some such. There’s a few different rules for auto-promotion.

If you’re nice I’ll bump you manually though.

Only if you’re nice.

Its a well known fact that I am not very nice.
Post count it is then :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m nice. :blush:

Please explain the different name colours…

Haven’t the foggiest. Might be trust level related.

It is related.

i’ve never had to earn the trust of a website before…

like my new avatar?


It’s a lot better than any other one you could have chosen :smiley: