No Man's Sky

Summon up every great space-exploration fantasy of the past century — from mining exotic planets in uncharted space to watching attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion — and convert that compendium of awesome into a game of unprecedented size and scale. That, in rough terms, is the motivation behind No Man’s Sky. This game doesn’t just aim for the moon or the stars; it wants to deliver an infinite universe filled with all types of celestial bodies and an endless variety of possible adventures.

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Shot for the link! Added to wishlist.

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Apparently releasing for PS4 and PC in June 2016. [s]PC release date is unclear.[/]

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Release date is still June 2016


Apparently a leak via the playstation store had the preorder price at $60. Wonder what it will be for PC, and additionally, how our ZA price will compare.

Release date is 21 June.


Steam page states the release as 24 June 2016

(Cool! Discord has steam widgets!)

Says R589 here, but R599 on the store page.


I’m sure ya’ll itching for this one

There is also a very good 21minute gameplay video with the makers commentary on IGN. I have watched it twice… it really breaks down what you do in the game. I’ve officially ordered this one!

The video

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un - obtain - ium. :laughing:

Pretty good read posted yesterday.

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If anybody’s been paying attention to the gaming news, No Man’s Sky went gold, so it looks like the August 9 release date will be maintained.

Aug 12.

The gist of it is - don’t redeem your preorder ship until AFTER you’ve completed the tutorials.

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Is this just trolling, or are these people just epically stupid? I’m going with the latter…


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