Offsite backups

I’ve been looking for an affordable method of backing up critical information because of all the things that can be lost I would not want to lose all the photos that I’ve taken over the last 15 years odd, but it’s 100GB in size! (And growing constantly thanks to 16GB memory cards).

I’ve had a look at Amazon’s Glacier service and am trying it out - It’s a ‘cold’ storage system - almost like tape driven or something? It looks great for something that you don’t mind waiting for and costs something like R0.10c per GB.

I’d use Dropbox for all stuff I want in a hurry (Work or Excel spreadsheets or whatever etc.), but this seems great.Anyone had any experience with it?

From the checking out that I did it seems that the backup and holding cost is almost nothing - R10 per month. The real cost comes when you’re retrieving the data, but even then it would be something like R270 for 100GB of data that was kept for a year, then downloaded over 10 days. The faster you download the more it will cost.

Im not a fan of any online backup at this point due to data costs and the appalling upload speeds of adsl.
At best you will have 1mb up.
That should take you around 290 hours to upload at constant full line speed…

I am also interested in backing up some of my stuff to Glacier (Especially since I shall not actually pay for it, if I use my work account. :slight_smile: ). Not that R10 (or R5) will break the bank, so maybe I should rather use my personal account. I have about 50GB worth of photos I shall really cry if I loose it and something like fire or theft could easily cause me to loose everything. And since it will be a second tier backup, hopefully I shall never have to retrieve it, but shall pay happily if I have too.

Have you tried out some of the software to do the backup. What works best?

I could give you some cloud storage soon. Busy setting one up.

I’m busy using FastGlacier to upload. Not terrible speeds considering. Only 6 days left so far! :smiley:

Ooooo :sweat_drops: ← Drooling

Thanks Vorty, that does look nice and fast. I am thinking of giving CloudBerry a spin as well. I have heard good things about it.

Sounds interesting Flea. Even through I am not sure if managing a large amount of storage is much fun. As my one colleague calls our team’s databases: Spinning rust. I am happy to hand that problem over to the people running S3 and Glacier as much as possible. But I know you enjoy hardware much more than I do …