Open Hardware Monitor

What is nice about the app, is that you can start a web server, and connect from another machine. So even if a thermal shutdown or other crash occurs, you can see what the various monitor values were at.

This app is quite useful. I started using it to keep tabs on my system temperatures. This R9 290 causes the environment temp to soar, which freaks the CPU out and causes a thermal shutdown. I’ve ordered a Corsair H105 for the CPU so long, but while I’m waiting for it to arrive I’ve got a large floor fan sitting on my desk, blowing in to the chassis. With it running, the CPU reached a max of 64.6C, with the GPU reaching a max of 76C.

I tried running an app called HeavyLoad which comes up at the top of the results for a search on “stress tester”. It has the option to load your CPU, GPU, etc. While running, the load averages shoot up to 100% according to the monitor, but the temperatures don’t climb too much. It’s only games that seem to really stress the system and cause the high temps.

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I use the gadget on a second screen. Been using this app for years! (crank up your gpu to 1050mhz)

76 is damn good for that GPU, mine hovers in the 85 range.


will maybe shed some light on a weird issue I’ve been having with a gpu “reseting”