Ordered some more parts

(This will probably be gibberish if you don’t under stand 3d-printlish)

While I’m generally happy with my 3d printer, I’m still having issues with it jamming the filament after a number of hours of printing - probably heat creep I think, but it’s also probably a shit quality dual gear extruder.

I’ve ordered a micro swiss all metal hot end and a bondtech lgx lite extruder and various bits and bobs which I’m going to mount as a direct drive. I might need to rig up an additional fan if the new hot end still has issues with heat creep.

How did your upgrade go Teeej?

lol - parts are still sitting here, I haven’t tackled it yet.
Got one more week of school then it’s holidays for a month so I’ll do it then.

Finally installed the parts. It’s busy printing the bondtech coin test g-code. So far, so good.

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After installing a micro swiss hotend and the LGX Arrow lite direct drive kit, it looks like my heat creep issues are gone. I have been printing continually for the past few days with no issues. Longest session so far was over 10 hours and the print came out great. It’s busy with another long session that I started this morning, but only expect to finish some time this evening.

At least now I have the confidence to tackle more complicated parts that can take multiple days to print.

Oh, and I strongly recommend the Wham Bam flexible build system, it’s fantastic. No issues with prints not sticking to the bed. I’ve had this installed for quite a while now, before I did the major hotend upgrades.

Heat creep issues are definitely gone. I just completed an 15.5 hour print successfully. The Micro Swiss all metal hot end is worth it.