Our friend Moo

Some of you have met Moo in our new chat system and sort of udderstand what he is, but I don’t think you fully appreciate how udderly useful he can be. Actually, he’s not a cow so I don’t know what’s up with the horrible puns.

Moo is a hubot (hewbot). He can do all sorts of useful, and other completely useless things - usually at inappropriate times.

This morning, I taught him how to check if there is load shedding currently going on. You can ask him at any time by saying moo load shedding in one of the chat channels. This will only work if he’s actually online - which should be all the time, except for when I’m restarting him - which happens regularly right now, as I’m teaching him all kinds of things.

I hope to teach him to keep an eye on the load shedding status and announce to the channel when it changes, but sometimes teaching him things requires a very large hammer.

Feel free to mess around with him, but to avoid spamming the main War Geeks channel, hop over to the Experimental channel and type moo help to see some of the stuff you can mess around with. I haven’t tested everything yet, so if you don’t get a response from the bot for certain commands, please let me know (after you’ve double checked the syntax).

Moo is now able to get the CORRECT load shedding status.

he ignores me. Stupid cow.

That’s because you’re rude to him.