Hey guys! Anyone playing Paladins?? Got it fired up this week… seems like a “poor mans” Overwatch… quite fun actually.
Anyone wanting to team up let me know… been playing it a bit… quite fast paced… decent game-play. interesting character options and weapons.
The Trailer

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A lot of us are playing Overwatch already. While I haven’t played in a few months due to relocation, the guys play on a weekly basis, particularly the younguns.

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Yip I gathered so… this is an interesting alternative to Overwatch. and its free… :wink:

So I downloaded I think the 12GB and I must say I quite like the suttle differences. Whats is crazy is that it almost feels like an exact clone of overwatch with it’s own pro’s and cons vs OvW.
If it was an EA title surely they would have gotten trashed for it. Obviously the Battlenet one is much more polished etc.