Path of Exile

So, I downloaded it Wawa.

First things first, what server do we choose? Aussie or European?

Can we choose our league?

I seems very laggy. Is anyone else experiencing issues?

You know @WondaWoman only suggested it because she has been playing it the last 4 months?

@WondaWoman will consider herself an expert on all the lore and scold us for our slow developing characters.

@WondaWoman will help us level whilst continuously reminding us how hard it was to do all the leveling alone.

It’s laggy for me too, seems a bit unresponsive at times.

Was playing earlier, didn’t have any issues that I noticed. /shrug

@stool you are the biggest stirrer ever!

I downloaded it last night, but haven’t played any…what server did you guys choose?

I went europe

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Actually, my account is teegeeza. Player is something I can’t remember right now. Thelixin I think.

I’ll try give it a try tonight…or over the weekend somewhere :smiley:

FleaEye or InsanityFlea



Chose a ranger, Wondrael

Guild is called – shock, horror – Bearers of the Light

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Invite me to it…you can’t just invite yourself…although that is what I’m doing :smiley:

BlackSheepZA Character Kyrasiann

Org and I are sitting in the main wargeeks chat channel on ts3

So I’ve been playing for a while now, up to lvl 14.

It takes a little getting used to, but once you realise that it’s a Diablo clone, it becomes quite a lite of fun.

Man you lot have the attention span of gnats. I thought we were going to play this a bit??

I’ll play tonite

I’ve been busy…doing…stuff. But this weekend boys!! it’s AWWWNN!