Possibly offensive internet pics

I hope this is ok

move it if you need to @teejo

People can flag it. If something is flagged 3 times, it will be hidden from view.

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How do I see the rest or is that it?

Here’s a link to the entire comic:

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lol, i was waiting for someone to make an ‘offensive’ topic.

Very funny too because we wouldn’t be doing what that woman described. :stuck_out_tongue:


Somehow I thought of Uchi ?!

Bwahahahah :slight_smile: jys n muppet!! ek is niks soos die ou nie.

I found this , it’s really freaky and scary at the same time

check this comic with caution


Eyeball your a tool x twice :smile:

crap that was awesome. :slight_smile: cant help but freak. need the sound too

hehehe told you :smiley: freaky and scary

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This is cool , amazing things you can find on the net


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That was freaking scary!

And a WTF video for the weekend.