Prescription Lenses for VR Headset - HP Reverb G2

I ordered prescription lenses for my headset from VR Optician. I was expecting it to take a week or two before they shipped, as they have the lenses manufactured to spec by Carl Zeiss Vision.
They shipped about 6 hours after I ordered it. It took a while to get here (~20 days) since I opted for normal postage rather than forking out for courier.

Quite a neat package, I’m looking forward to testing them out.

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Normal postage and the package arrived, imagine such a thing

It’s not the most unusual thing in Australia, thankfully. So far all but one of my shipments from overseas have arrived, from Europe as well as Asia and the US, and the one exception was probably due to the seller using a dodgy postal service.

I’ve had one shipment from local amazon not arrive a few weeks ago. The only thing it says on the parcel tracking is that the truck it was on was involved in an incident in a particular town. /shrug

Amazon refunded me. Minor annoyance, but that’s the only thing I’ve had that hasn’t arrived, and even then I at least know why. It didn’t just disappear into the ether.

It is awesome to be able to use VR without having to wear glasses. SOO much more comfortable.

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