Raspberry Pi



opening paragraph will answer your question. It’s free with a paid for premium version.


ha! It’s working. Turns out it doesn’t like the NAT I had for plex on the mikrotik, removed the dst.port and now it’s working. (have a hairpin NAT in place to avoid plex using wan)


Just a quick update, I have rasplex woking great on a Rpi Model B and a Rpi Zero.

The only drawback is the Rpi Zero uses a usb to ethernet adapter so it can’t handle a higher bitrate like the model B since that has onboard ethernet, transcoding is needed for anything higher than 4mbps, which in my case is very few titles and it still works well. To date I’ve never needed transcoding on the model B. The reason I mention that it’s the ethernet-usb bus that’s letting the pi zero down is because the pi zero actually has a faster processor than the older model B. The ethernet speed / usb speed is the only bottleneck on the Rpi Zero.

Using plex from my phone as a remote for both media centers is just an added bonus if the TV doesnt support HDMI-CEC.

I can recommed these little pie’s with rasplex as media centers. Just go for the ones with built-in ethernet ports.


For the piemen among you, if you haven’t changed the password for the ‘pi’ user, do so now, especially if you haven’t changed the default ssh port and may have the device exposed to the net (but seriously, who does that?)