Recommend a UPS please

Hey fellow administrators.

I need some advice please on procuring a suitable UPS for a development server that I’m overseeing. I’m not looking for anything mad expensive.

What I have is a small UPS probably giving 30min of backup until it fails. This timing is great but it has no means of alerting my server so that it can start shutdown procedures after 10min.
I would also like to configure it to restart my machine when power returns. I understand that I would need to change the BIOS to auto start on power supplied but the UPS has to be a little clever and keep the power off until the AC is solid again.

I came across that lists a linux tool for interfacing to smart UPS’s. I now just need a decent supplier/brand/model.

Thoughts and suggestions?

PS. Screw You Eskom

How much wattage is the psu/psu’s ?

The APC range has some nice connectivity and warning systems. (but pricey!)

Looks like 1200VA should do the trick.

I have 600VA right now and it actually gives closer to an hour of backup. My partner wants a UPS that can ride out the entire standard/expected Eskom brownout of 2hrs.

@InsanityFlea you got a recommendation from whom to buy these APC supplies?

Use Tarsus. They deal with APC stuff.

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what’s a good place to go to help me size a UPS?