Recommend me a DSL Modem?

Getting tired of this neatgear dgn2200.

Needed: ADSL2+, 1x LAN port, SNR adjustment, bridge mode.

Not needed: Wireless/USB/blah blah blah.

Seems everything these days is a modem/router. Where’s just the plain old modems gone?

(router/firewall will be a MicroTik RB433 - a mini pci dsl modem would be 1st prize but they dont exist.)

2nd option would be to find a Geos1.1 in this flipping country.

Looking at this one:


I dont like tp-link at all!
For basic modems the most reliable one I have found is the d-link DSL-2500u
Its a nasty single port router/bridge but it is rock solid. If you are going to use a Mikrotik then that would handle the PPPoE anyway.

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Nothing fancy just a stock standard dsl modem/bridge. (mind you could do that to the Netgear too, just stick it in bridge mode) Was hoping to get some form of IPv6 in case telkom msan’s support it.

I’ve noticed with the netgear’s I have, the downstream attenuation changes per router. The DGN2000 gets 45db’s, the DGN2200V3 gets 37-41db’s. So would like something that can maybe do a bit better. Another thing is that these netgears take forever to sync the dsl line.

Everything will be dealt with from the microtik (DHCP/QoS/Firewall/PPPoE) Why? cos RouterOS knocks the socks off anything else.

I’d even take a mega100wr over any TP-Link :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cool, I didn’t buy it. I’m using the netgear in bridge mode for now.