Recommend me a monitor

I’m looking to replace my old Samsung 2232GW 1680x1050 22" lcd screen with preferrably 2x 1080p jobbies. Can anybody recommend anything? I would prefer if it was not less than 22", and obviously the less chance of breaking the bank, the better, considering I want two of them. Brand is of no concern. While it’s not really an issue, my current screen is glossy, so would prefer that, but matte is not a deal breaker, provided the image is crisp. Online purchase is a definitely plus.

you’ll never look back after 27 inches :wink:
As far as crispiness goes, the 27 inch Retina display is quite frankly un-be-lievable.
However, so too is its price :unamused:

Please, please, please, dont buy an LG monitor. They never last.

I’d just get a 2ms, IPS 23’ or 27’ Samsung. My Samsung monitors have outlasted the LG’s by three years and counting.

I got two of these:

So it turns out you CAN do eyefinity with two monitors. You need to go to additional settings and create an eyefinity group. Obviously this is just a cute gimmick with two monitors, as you’re stuck with the crosshair bezel problem, but it can be done if you don’t mind a gap. :stuck_out_tongue:

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