Replacing my GTX 560 top

Hi friends,

I bought my Nvidia GTX560 top around the time SWToR came out, which I’m guessing is just over 2 years back.

Anyway, I’m considering moving away form Nvida after 9 years and would like to know what card would be suitable for me (playing MMO’s mostly and the occasional shooter).

Would something like the MSI MSI Radeon R7 250 2GB OC (128 bit) cut it? It seems to be a rather cheap card compared to what the GTX 560 was 2 years back, what other recommendations are there?

Back story:

Over the last few months, it’s been giving me hassles non stop, where my screens would just shut down completely (I can still hear audio in the background) until the whole system hangs.

I would also get 5 seconds of system stuttering during the night, which made me think RAM, but the pc carries on as normal after that.

Quite often lately whenever it freezes and I reboot, it takes up to an hour to boot up normally again, each time it shows system bootup screen and the windows logo fine, but as soon as it goes to the login screen, both screens I’m running lose connection.

I’ve tried updating drivers, which solves it sort of, but then my 2nd monitor (vga) goes missing. Windows detects it, but just won’t run it…not for anything or any fix. When i roll back drivers to 314.22 it seems to work again - but booting up normal is like playing roulette.

As a qualified technician, I strongly recommend taking it out back and shooting it with a high caliber bullet.

When`s the last time you gave it a good cleaning :stuck_out_tongue:
Isn’t the 260x a better choice?

R9 280x :smiley:

Cleaned it out thoroughly about 4 weeks back when it started the trouble.

As for asking if the 260x is a better choice. Since it’s a bigger number than the 250, I would imagine so…but that’s why I’m here to ask the brain trust.

I realise that I can lead a normal healthy lifestyle with just one kidney, but I’d prefer to keep both for now.

R9 270x ? retails around R3000

You want a R9 series, those are the performance cards. The R7’s is run of the mill cards.

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From what I can see in the comparisons your 560 is a way better card than the R7 250 (± R 1.4k)

The R7 260X would just keep up, slightly better in some cases, worse in others.(Just under R 2k)

The R9 270 seems to be a fair amount better in all areas (Just under R 3k)

Thanks sheepie, appreciate the input.

that’s quite unusual given that my card is already 2yrs old.

sigh - I remember the days where the card to have was the 8800 GTX’s. If you had them in SLI you were the bee’s knees.

Well my problem seems to have solved itself when I replaced the DVI cable with a VGA one. New drivers seem to work fine, I’m guessing the TV’s HDMI port is borked since it won’t play my xbox through it either.

That aside, I’ve also happened upon a Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 680 2GB Windforce. Although I’m not certain of how well it ranks in terms of video cards as it is over a year or so old.

well the gtx 770 is a rebranded 680.

What does that mean in English? Is it a good card?

It’s a very nice mid to high range card, they just repackaged it as the GTX 770 and added a tiny bit of specs. If you can get it without paying an arm and a leg, go for it.

If you’re looking at dodging nvidia though, the R9 270X and 280 are very similar to the nvidia GTX 680, though as Sheep says, the 270 is also a good bet

Thanks for the input, but I kinda have the 680 lying in my room already. A friend of mine who moved country gave it to me after he pulled everything from his PC that he needed.

So I’ll plug it in and see how it performs. Any freeware programs out there that I can use to test my current card with and then the new one to compare results?

I haven’t used 3Dmark in ages.

I’m sure there are.

3dmark has a free version