Reply via email

I’ve enabled reply via email.

If you are notified via email of new posts or replies to topics you’re tracking, you can reply to the topic via email. (Check your site preferences by clicking your avatar icon on the top right of the site if you want to change things).

Some email clients tend to start replies BELOW the quoted reply (I’m looking at you, thunderbird). You will need to put your reply ABOVE the quote, or simply blank the email body before you begin your response.

Note, this only works for REPLYING to topics. To create a topic, you still need to come to the site.

Also, the site will only send an email about a topic several minutes after creating or replying to a topic (this is to allow for ninja edits). Any email responses will show up on the site several minutes after sending - don’t expect immediate responses, unless you’re lucky enough to catch the poller at the right time. :wink:

thats a cool feature - thanks TG

nice one Tg , I like it , will give it a go later today :smile: