Revenge is a dish best served cold

On Saturday I was spending quite a lot of time AFK gaining Labor Points by hitting an enemy scarecrow that is near my plot in Solis. There was one other guy there. Since I was working, I was actually sitting here, keeping an eye on my toon.

Sure enough, after some time, a few “Guardians of Haranya” guild members come along and start trying to push us off the scarecrow - for no reason other than being jerks. However, since I was actually there, I just kept moving my toon back in place. It soon became obvious that the other guy was also there. He pulled out his farm cart and put it in such a way that we could stand on top of it and keep hitting the scarecrow. The other guys didn’t let up, the were running farm carts trying to knock us off, and spawning and despawning their mounts to try dislodge us. They kept it up for at least half an hour - obviously VERY bored, but it was amusing me to stay there while they kept yelling insults etc. Eventually I had to log off.

Now, whenever I see any of them AFK smacking that same scarecrow, I haul out my farm cart and drag them away. I’ve done it twice now. :smiley:


And today

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You troll. I like :smiley: