Ridiculous Comments

Playing BF4 can be the source of some incredibly stupid comments.

[21:07:19] BirdyP > teams f***g blow [21:07:23] BirdyP > less stacking please WRG [21:07:32] UchiJiNi > soo get off our server [21:08:01] BirdyP > do you run a server purely to stomp pubbies?

[21:28:24] Catman_Za > is wrg a shotgun only clan :/ [21:28:56] TeeGeeZA > my clan mates are bowing to my shotgun superiority [21:29:13] InsanityFlea > get your own shotgun. [21:29:16] Applau5e > ye but u cant use shotties in dgl

I wasn’t aware we were playing on a dgl server in the dgl.

[21:47:38] Katbotter > thats noob sorry :P [21:47:55] InsanityFlea > it killed you, good enough [21:48:51] Katbotter > still noob

That’s just from last night.


sounds like a kid

I shot that Katbotter with the MGL pickup weapon, he cried. Twice.


Was a really good round for me.

I saw him crying at you and had a good lol. Then I lobbed some nades at the pressies you were leaving all over the place :stuck_out_tongue:

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Mmmm, ‘Modified Choke’. Does it work on the chicken I wonder?

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I see TG and Flea was up to their old tricks again …

BirdyP … what a Dick …ex :frowning:

I like birdyP, I teagbag him every time I shoot him.
Its makes him a sad panda and me a happy one.

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RB. next time you take his tags … hold him down so i can teabag him too

It’s dangerous out there. Here take this:

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hehehe nice :slight_smile:

i need to play more to earn this superior rep

I was even rocking with the shotty last night, sadly I was on BirdyP’s side :frowning:

I think what you meant to say is you were making arby sad with that shotty last night.
Those delicious tags made up for it though.

Had some good ones last night (excuse the language but it’s BF4)

[21:29:18] Toothpick_ZA > counter knife doesnt work since patch

[21:44:41] CorpFreeman > nice camping papa
[21:45:50] CorpFreeman > whatever
[21:46:08] CorpFreeman > you killed me twice from the same spot
[21:46:56] TeeGeeZA > serves you right going back to the same spot twice, eh?
[21:47:06] KILLERDEE_RSA > lol

[21:47:55] injektil0 > impossible I ripped your face off

[21:48:27] B4kkies > kan die kak oranje admin msg’s asb fokkof?

[21:49:23] xTc-Templar > admin so very touchy
[21:49:41] Arby_ZA > those are automated admin messages nub
[21:50:43] InsanityFlea > InsanityFlea: this is an admin message

[21:45:29] injektil0 > omfg
[21:45:49] TeeGeeZA > I’m not your god, I am merely your shotgun noob

[21:52:27] Wobly_Wombat > where did you buy your license
[21:52:39] UchiJiNi > by jou ma

[22:09:07] xTc-Templar - US Army > ress twatface
[22:09:20] InsanityFlea > no twatface

[22:10:53] xTc-Zaarehs > i made 30 points atleast
[22:11:01] Arby_ZA > luls zaar
[22:11:02] xTc-Zaarehs > my ping is more
[22:11:23] Arby_ZA > pfft my el ping beats your el ping
[22:12:20] xTc-Zaarehs > im in duncan thats why

I always find the in game chat to be a fascinating display of the state of society today. They have a few repeating themes:

  • If you shoot me and I die you are doing something wrong.
  • If I shoot you and you die you are doing something wrong.
  • You must play the game the way I like to play the game.
  • Don’t come with your weird strategies and mess up my strategies.
  • For the win, for the win, then for the win and only after that for the fun.
  • Fun is is when I win.

I suppose it’s not really “all society”. Just the noisey society.

I love playing with you guys though. Those chat comebacks are full of win :wink: