RIP TeeGee

Dearly beloved,

We are gathered here today to pay our respects to a once great spaceman.
He lost his life so suddenly, after being overwhelmed by AFK
May he forever rest in peace, after being teabagged.

Following his wishes, I dumped his body in the deep Atlantic. (Didn’t have time for a cremation, ok)

Really? I got Disconnect due to host exit, and there is no hosted game running.

LIES. it’s running

Not so sure he made it to the Atlantic there Flea. Looking at his marker, I think you may have dumped him onto the Andes :smiley:

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As a representative of Andes everwhere I can assure you that we do not have the Tee Gee. There is no smelly smell here.

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I need to join you okes in this!
It looks brilliant.