Rocket League

Rocket League is free this weekend (22-24 April) and is currently 40% off at R131.40. The download is ~2.2gb. May be worth a try.


Use the link above if the clickable one doesn’t work for you.

@BlackSheep and I have just played some 1v1. Man this game is INTENSE! Very very enjoyable. I have purchased a 4-pack, [s]so I (should) have 2 copies to give away[/]. Flea and Vorty got the remaining copies.

I can totally agree with Teegee, after the games we played and even the little bit of single player vs bots, i really enjoyed myself.

I can see it getting rather frustrating and also very addictive, but mostly fun.


It turns out that I’m not too terrible at this game. Regular price is R219 (Four Pack is R589). It is very entertaining, and highly recommended. A controller is also recommended for this. If you have an xbox 360, you can buy a 360 Wireless Receiver from for R225. I got one for B, they shipped next day. Driver installation was a pain in the backside though, had to download the 64bit drivers from Microsoft, install the software, then manually update the driver for “Unknown Device” to manually select the XBox Wireless Receiver before it worked (This for 64bit Windows 8.1).

If you have an XBone, just plug in a controller via cable. Doesn’t seem to be a wireless dongle for it yet. I believe a PS4 controller will work via cable as well, but don’t quote me on that.

I’ve never used drivers, just plug in and go. (from windows 7 up)

Ah wait i see it’s a generic, not the genuine one.