Romeo_Mike Steam Group

Continuing the discussion from Space Engineers:
@HeadTrauma Could you perhaps post us a rules list?

I’m thinking a cold war going hot scenario.

Basically War Geeks vs Romeo Mike.

Cold War period: Spying/hacking/thieving/low intensity skirmishes over resources if it comes to that. Length = 1 week (build up phase).
Cold War goes hot after 1st week. That means either side is free to launch full scale attacks on home bases/platforms.

No limits on logging in/building (the server basically freezes/halts with no players online)

Only rule is a Faction uniform. Pick a suit colour and stick to it

Any suggestions/concerns about the above?

Also looking at some server side mods now. Server needs updating after last patch anyways.

When can we expect you guys?

I’ll join the group today, soz mate been really busy my side, havent had a chance yet.

Oi you scurvy bastards! We demand a war! ;-p

Can’t join your server due to wrong version. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried a few times, it booted me stating “connection closed”

yeah server version needs updating. The constant updates are a blessing as well as a curse. Will get on it

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Might as well wait until the update tonight.

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