For those of you who have recently obtained Skyrim - may I remind you about the free high res texture pack DLC that you can get. If you right-click Skyrim in Steam, go to properties, then access the DLC tab. Click the link below the DLC list to view the list of DLC for the game. You will find the texture pack there.

Once you have obtained that, and whatever other DLC you might want, there are a few unofficial patches which fix a lot of the problems with the games and DLC.

Here is a link to the Unofficial Skyrim Patch:

The page has links to the patches for the DLC and for the high-res DLC. Pay attention to the load order of the mods. You can adjust the load order via the ‘Data’ option on the Skyrim launcher, or you can use the recommended utility called LOOT (which does the load order automatically at the click of a button - although it takes a while to think about it). Just check that the load order actually is correct once it has completed… the first time I ran it, it didn’t seem to work, so I had to do it again. It has been fine since then.)

You can also browse the workshop, or Skyrim Nexus for additional mods. I’ve added a whole bunch of mods, some of them are considered cheats: Lockpick Pro, and the item weight adjustment mods.

Don’t be fooled by skeevy registration process. You don’t need to pay to download the mods. Just ignore the subscription selections and click continue.

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