Dota but from a 3rd person perspective while on turbo. It’s very fast.

You can grab the game from here:

I’m enjoying this title from just having 2 hours on it.

Some good builds here (courtesy of @teejo)

I’m using Ra at the moment, quite enjoying this god.

It’s a bit simpler than dota if you ask me. You usually play just a single lane. There’s various game modes:

  • Arena - large area - usually 5v5. Object is to let your minions take out the enemy portal. There is no lanes or jungle, but camps are available off to the sides. You can recall and manually access your spawn to heal/gather mana and buy stuff.
  • Assault - Single lane, no jungle. Asgard type map. I’ve played this twice or so, it’s a very long lane, has two towers (I think - might be three), one phoenix, and a titan. There is no recall, and you can’t get back to spawn, therefore you can only buy stuff when you die.
  • Conquest - I’ve never played this, but appears to be 3 lane, probably most like dota/2.
  • Joust - 3v3, single lane w/ jungle. I’ve played this the most.
  • Practice modes - vs bots, but you can play co-op.
  • Siege - never played.

More info:

It is F2P, you’re limited to the gods that are in current rotation. I think there are a few that are permanently available (like Ymir, which I like to play).

When playing, you gather “Favor”, XP and worshipers. [s]The worshipers count towards your mastery (skill) with the god[/] Not entirely sure about this. You can use Favor to purchase more gods, or you can buy gems in the store to buy gods. There is a special on for the time being where you can pay ~$30 to get all the gods + all future gods, and get any favor you may have paid refunded to you. You can then use the favor to buy additional skins for the gods.

I bought the god pack, R331. Not too bad. It’s basically purchasing the game imo.

Considering it’s all current and future gods, but yes. The only reason for favour now is to purchase different skins and voice packs.


very high damage, if you can stun an enemy and Anubis get’s in close, you’re toast.

Sounds like a good combo with Ymir’s freeze.

We had a pretty good combo going with me playing Ymir, Leovine playing Hades and my brother playing Ao Kuang. Kicked ass quite a few times.

I wanted to try Kuang but the servers are down atm.