So what else is good to play these days?

What’s everyone playing and liking (or not)?

As seen in another thread, I am getting stuck into sniper games. Other than that, I’m catching up on my backlog - now that I no longer have :poop: internet and can actually download games, I’m a bit all over the place. I still have Control and Disco Elysium waiting to be finished on my HDD.

I’ve been playing Valheim and BF2042 recently. BF when WrG friends are available, Valheim when they’re not around (Although sometimes Luke joins me).

Valheim is quite a fun game. I quite enjoy building myself a comfy home and kitting it out nicely - the rage hits when a bunch of giant trolls rock up and try to reduce it to splinters! :rage:
There are some serious grindy bits - and sometimes frustration and tears when you are miles from home and die in a dangerous area… Have to do the semi-naked and afraid run to collect your stuff and that often ends up in a couple of deaths until you get your goods back.

The building and the long boating are massively redeeming for me though…

I’ve pumped about 500-600hrs into Valheim already - that game is my place of zen.

The building aspect is just fantastic, not to mention the weather and lighting. I’d love to see some of your builds, Vorty!

Sounds like your builds are going to be better than mine with 500+ hours! Damn Voicy!

Wow, 500+ hours in a game… I think the most I’ve put into a single game in recent years must have been the 150 hours I’ve racked up in Battlefield 4 - I went back to that for a spell after I had my fill of BFV. Next one up is 80 hours in Euro Truck Simulator 2, that one is my place of zen :smile:

Speaking of Battlefield, how is 2042? Initial reviews haven’t exactly been great. Have there been any patches to improve things?

No, the game is pretty much dead, at least for us.

If you like ARPG style games, give Lost Ark (Steam) a go. It’s F2P, and around a 75gb download. I have about 162 hours in it now. (It’s not available in ZA). There’s quite a lot of content.

How far can you get solo in Lost Ark? Previously I’ve found in the MMOs and similar games I tried that sooner or later you hit a wall where the game tries to force you to team up with others. Or you have to get your build dead-on and level like crazy. It was the case in Path of Exile, where at some point I just couldn’t get any further without doing either of the above.

Bass, Luke, Sabre and I still occasionally play BF2042, but nothing like we used to play BF2!

Regarding the reviews, I can understand a lot of the hate that’s directed at it considering the history of BF over time and some it’s legendary ancestors - It’s definitely dumbed down in comparison, but it’s still a pretty fun game.

Since they allowed you to earn badges etc. in a Portal custom game (without bots) it’s become easier to find a game or just start one up which makes it much better than it was at release.

You can pretty much solo the entire thing. You can even do guardian raids solo (I have).
There’s a lot of people playing, so for co-op world bosses and co-op world raid bosses, there are often other players to help out, but things that are instanced are usually soloable.

If you do decide to play, create chars on Rohendel, North America West region.

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It may sound dumb but I’ve been playing World of Warships when I get time. I can play and get out at short notice or have a quick game when when I’m under pressure.

I’ve downloaded Lost Ark and will give it a whirl some time next week (maybe even Sunday night).

ok let me know what your toon name is, i can invite you to our guild and add you to friends list etc

I’ve created a gunner named Rainyknight on Rohendel. Just muddling my way through the prologue.

Valheim. Some Civ. Time is few at the moment. Was putting a fair bit of time into MSFS before we moved.

My main is called Treenie. I think we might have to be online to send friend requests.
Once added, then add again as roster friend so it will show up for all characters you create.

Golf Clash!