Space Engineers Linker

If you’ve been getting the heebie jeebies while hearing us going on about dropbox and shared worlds and links and stuff, don’t worry. I’ve written a batch file that will make linking to the shared world a breeze. The batch file is called linker.bat and is available inside the shared dropbox folder, and has a README.TXT file to help you along.

But don’t panic - you don’t HAVE to link to the folder if you don’t want to. If you want to play along with us, that’s cool - all you have to do is to fire up Space Engineers, and assuming we’re on your Steam friends list, search for a running server filtered to your friends. If you see the world running, hop on. We’ve renamed the world to ‘Space Geeks’.

It is strongly recommended that you do not save your own copy of the world while you’re connected to a host, as this can cause severe confusion later on, and if you already have a link to the shared world, can bugger things up royally. I’m not sure if the game client is clever enough to distinguish between saving an online world to an offline world that already exists, so please be careful.

NB! Please make sure ‘Compress Saved Games’ is OFF in game options!