Speed Test

If you want to run a speed test against this server, navigate to:


It’s a mini version of speed-test.net.

I just got this:

Also, don’t forget pingtest.net for quality.

nice one TG

will give it a go :slight_smile:

Just upgraded my account to 6mb. Above is WrG server.

Below is local.

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Does your router do pppoe relay? I can give you a 30gb Mweb account for the SE server, full line speed :stuck_out_tongue:

my “10 megabit line” according to telkom. Note it’s not Vox, their backbone is super fast. This also explains why Smite took DAYS to download.

YAY! (set on 8mbps for stability, it sync’s at 10 but drops quickly)

@teejo I can host SE with a 1mb upload

I’ll update the archive for you.

Me and my big mouth, now look what they’ve gone and done. So it’s unstable atm.

Edit: playing with my SNR, so far got it stable at 7451kbps. Going to raise it a bit more. gotta love custom firmware, I can control my own speed and stability.

Local: (international getting the same speeds)

WrG site wont go past 1.15mbps (must be throttled from hetzner)

Nope… look at my speed test from the other day.

It’s strange, mine refuses to do more than 1.14 - 1.16mbps on this site. London Speed tests i get 7.4mbps

Rock solid stable now, I’m really pushing it. Lets see how it does when the weather changes (i.E Rain)

To WRG site:


Looks like telkom’s new Msan’s are rocking.

VOX uses IS’s backbone

no, they have their own. Their capped products used to be on IS.

You sure?
I know they do their own ADSL via IPC, but their core network relies on IS.
They use DataPro for connectivity, who in turn uses IS.
(Or at least they did when I worked at IS)

Edit to add…
I see they’re using a mixture of IS and Teraco now.