Star Wars TOR Referral

Hey everyone,

Some of you know me from Archeage as Skeeb/Leovin. I’m not quitting AA (yet) but I’m pretty frustrated with its systems so far. So I decided to check out SWTOR. Well… I’ve already subbed I like it that much. Here is a referral in case any of you would like to check it out:

It’s F2P by the way. Their website has a ton of info on it too. I’m a bit partial since I love the Star Wars movies but I typically don’t like sci-fi MMOs. Liking this one though!

Any questions on the game, let me know. I’m only lvl11 so my knowledge is limited to that.


I forgot to mention that I am on the server The Shadowlands.

Hey Skeeb

I’ve been playing Swtor for quite some time , got my 3rd char to 55 this weekend.

It’s great fun and easy to play , love the dialog style quests and it.

Can’t remember the server we are on , I think Tomb of something :stuck_out_tongue:

random guilds at the moment , but it’s lot of fun.

my Main Char is EyeBall and Gamay that I’m playing currently

I LOVED SWTOR too much (KOTOR1 & 2 fan bigtime). By far the absolute best character development quests in any game I’ve seen. My first lvl50 char (back when that was cap) was a Sith Assassin tank.

I havent played much end game, but as far as leveling characters goes its super fun. LOVE my bounty hunter but I still think the classes are severely unbalanced for leveling.

Glad youre enjoying it!

Server is tomb of Fredonn Nadd.

I’m not sure if the Hutt Cartel is free to everyone now, but if not, get it Skeeb. Definitely worth it IMO.

And try getting a good Guild once you hit lvl 30+. My old one was Unrelenting, very nice bunch, willing to help out and always doing dailies and Flashpoints. Not sure if they’re on Shadowlands, but you can check their guild website for info.

I’ve rolled a Jedi (playing with Lolla) & a Sith (Playing with my brother) on Shadowlands. I’m enjoying it. I like the social aspect of the questing.

which class did you go for ?

I rolled a jedi dual wielder a while back, should actually play him a bit more. Havent done the republic side of the quest chain past lvl 10 or so yet.

My sith is a bounty hunter mercenary, he’s lvl 11 now. My Jedi is… is… a jedi… something or other… Consular. Had to go look it up :stuck_out_tongue: He’s only lvl 6 or something so far.