Stats and Gear information

Hey all you Gw2 players , I hope you can point me to a nice site where I can find more info on char specifications and gear info.

I looked around a bit but can’t find a nice and straight forward place to get the info.


Oh sure, Im right here :stuck_out_tongue:
Its very different to WoW in that there are generally no cookie cutter builds.
I do have every class except engineer(spit) and sometimes two of the class with different builds…
Armor and weapons can all be bought off the trading post at exotic level(ascended is slightly higher but not noticeable at all and can only be crafted)
So it generally comes down to appearance, for that go here:
Lets chat about what you are playing though, level and what you are looking to do with it. I can help you build anything really.

Awesome , Thanks Arby

I have a lev 33 necro , playing with an axe and warhorn and a staff

not sure what the stats are , taking mostly precision and something else :stuck_out_tongue: (havn’t played in ages )
played first time in ages last night , and I can’t remember how to play :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll go check out the web addy and get back to you , tbh I have no idea how I’ve got my char setup , will have to check again

it was kinda hard to figure out what you need to boost your talents , ie power or toughness or critical
or what is best for my necro

I enjoy it , the staff gives me nice AOE and the axe is nice for more close up attacks with plenty damage … as you said it’s totally different from wow . I want to try to get the most out of my char and as I’m leveling use the best armor for her

Ahh necro, one of my favorites.
I would ditch the axe/warhorn if you are going to be using a staff at all.
Axe/warhorn is a power/prec/crit build, staff is a condition item and they dont play well together.
Condition necro++
get a scepter/focus and a staff.
Then gear for as much condition stats as you can. condition/power/vitality are great stats to work on because you will smash everything and stay alive too.
What you do is you pick the target with the highest health and try pull the biggest mob you can… then you stack conditions on the highest hp target and then pop epidemic(skill) it just spreads every condition you have stacked on them to everyone else, then you kite for a few seconds and watch everything fall over.
My necro hardly ever dies because you get your F1 which also has some great skills. If you pop all your cooldowns fast on the scepter/focus then staff then switch into F1 and pop all those then everything is back off cooldown and you can do it again.

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Sweet , thanks Arby , see , I need to learn more hehehe
I’ll give it a go tonight and see what I can do

Power build can be fun on a necro too but its very single target focussed and only good at high level.
I will try catch up with you this evening and bing my face melter, its been a while since I hit up my necro.

My necro is rocking this and looks damn awesome :smiley:

Oh wow , he looks sweet ! can you reset your skills and traits ?

how important is your professions ? is it really important to level it or can I do it when I’m 80 ? or top level

Ps , My Necro’s name is : yefrimovich … what is your chars names ? hehehe

You can reset skills and traits anytime, you just talk to a trainer and it costs a few S.
Professions didnt matter much before but if you want ascended gear now you have to craft it and its account bound so cant be sold off.
You can get 10 level per profession you level so it can be a very fast way to level.
I did one toon from 0-80 without ever leaving the starting city and that was in 3 hours just crafting.
I have too many characters…
necro - thepoopsmith
guard1 - bishbashlambase
guard2 - hector hits stuff
ele1 - burninating peasant
ele2 - harbinger of cake
thief - superfly soulbrutha
mesmer - drompoppie
warrior - wraithfiend
ranger - twiggy is a stick

All level 80 with exotic gear and the ranger has the legendary bow.

So Arby , being a warrior , best stats on gear ? :smiley:
I love having me own Gw2 Master :gem:

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i dont know how to say this… ok … GAY

Cool story F1 boy.

Nothing can come close in damage output to a warrior and I find myself more often than not using mine.
You want full zerker build on that, power/prec/crit
I would go with greatsword and axe/axe.
In terms of traits get max points into the first 2 tiers as soon as possible(power and prec)
For skills you want healing signet for the health regen, then slot skill you want:
For great justice(power,prec,crit boost shout)
On my mark(stacks of vulnerability)
Shake it off(condition removal shout works for group too)
And for elite you want signet of rage(amazing elite with minimal cooldown gives 30s swiftness and massive crit and power boost)
Basically when I pop signet of rage and for great justice I sit at 100% crit chance, in a lvl 80 dungeon I can finish 100blades on 32k so that thing hits seriously hard.
I also find my full zerker warrior has more survivability than my guardian does!

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Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I tried it this weekend and works wonders , changed my weapons and changed stats on my gear

I pulled 8 lev 39 goons , (I was 36) and low and behold , killed 7 and that last one almost got me , but I popped my F1 and Boom all dead :slight_smile: I need to practice kiting alot hehe when I kite I tend to run into other mobs and die

When you are about to kite an awesome trick is to pop F1 and use skill 3, its a mass torment.
Torment is a wonderful condition because it does good damage on its own but does double damage to moving targets.
So if they are chasing you when you kite then stuff just melts. running circles works best but a quick dodge roll or two will sort out any problems.

Hey @arby
I finally made it to 80 :smiley:

should I stick to the previous message you send regarding stats or does it change a but when 80 ?

Also any idea which "trait " should I go with …

Thanks again

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Heya Oogies.
Since we chatted last I also levelled another necro to 80.
I can tell you for sure conditions are still best, power is not a great necro build.
I still need to unlock most of my traits but the ones you are looking for are improved condition and bleed duration ones.
I will check them out exactly and let you know.


I’ve tried playing with the scpeter / focus but I prefer the Axe and Focus conbo.

it works really well for me with the Staff

I will post my traits and let you check it out.

have to say , the game is quite fun doing that 4 missions thing where you enter via the blue circle :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t remember what it’s called


Are you meaning edge of the mists?
The axe is still considered condition cos axe1 stack vulnerability.
Its mostly used for power builds but I use it quite often, specially in pvp where I stack staff conditions then finish them off with axe2 and 3.
Unlocking traits can be quite tough now and its quite expensive to buy them from the trainers. Its cool though that you get missions where you have to kill something to unlock, it gets more players into the areas that were quiet before.
Im sure you have noticed a lot more people around, its gone on to a megaserver setup where all servers are combined into the maps so that more people are available for events etc.
There is new content coming on the 20th so we must group up for that, then you will see how much fun it really can be.