Steam Advisor

Found via reddit:

This scans your list of “unplayed” games, and recommends which ones you should play next. If your profile is public, then simply type in your steamid and off you go. If not, you’ll have to login via steam. Please be careful with sites asking you to login via steam. Ensure it’s actually a steam page you’re entering your credentials on, and not a clever copy.

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Here`s another one: (Calculate the value of your Steam account)
And the one flea posted (to steam or to watch series repeats)

There seems to be a ton of these kind of sites popping up.
Not sure why steam doesn`t support these things natively…

Ps. Mine says Unable to request games
Profile & Inventory public and comments friends only…

Seems to have a funny random case sensitive glitch

Works for me

Yours works fine… just called it up:

Pretty cool link, bit more detailed than steamleft:

No wonder not a lot of people finish Skyrims side quests :-pnail_care:
Few games in Steam i’ll probably never finish…