Strobelight - LightBoost Utility for AMD/ATI and NVIDIA

(I’ve yet to try this on my samsung 950D’s)

TL;DR - Reduces Motion Blur, apparently


Windows Vista or later
AMD/ATI or NVIDIA GPU (laptops with switchable graphics are not supported)
Dual-link DVI or DisplayPort (HDMI is not supported)
ASUS, BenQ, Samsung LightBoost-capable monitor (The software will test if your monitor can support it)

Eliminate LCD Motion Blur on Samsung 120 Hz Monitors

Supported Monitors: Most samsung 700D, 750D and 950D series.
Tested: S23A700D, S23A750D, S23A950D, S27A750D, S27A950D
For LightBoost instructions on ASUS and BENQ 120 Hz, click here instead.

Samsung SA700D, SA750D, and SA950D has a little-known strobe backlight similar to LightBoost that eliminate LCD motion blur. Samsung does not advertise this as an official LightBoost feature. A synchronized stroboscopic backlight works by keeping pixel persistence in total darkness (unseen by eye) between refreshes, and strobing the backlight only on fully-refreshed LCD frames (high speed video). As a result, the refresh-synchronized strobe backlight eliminate LCD motion blur. This brings CRT motion clarity to LCD displays.

Enable Strobe Mode on SA700D, SA750D and SA950D

Set your PC into 120 Hz mode.
(Control Panel → Display → Adjust Resolution → Advanced → Monitor)
Before the next step, change “Response Time” to “Normal” via the monitor OSD.
Now, turn on “3D” via the monitor OSD, frame-sequential mode.
Keep using the monitor even for 2D gaming. (No 3D glasses needed)
For better color, change “Magic Angle” to “Group View”
Run motion test at TestUFO: Photo in Chrome or another 120Hz web browser.