Superbru - Super Rugby 2014

Hey @stool,

How’s your picks for this coming weekend? I’m battling to make an educated choice :stuck_out_tongue:

Heart is telling me Sharks, head is saying 50/50.

We’ve got it start sticking it to these GRRR folk.

Sharks, always sharks. That is all.
Mind you with the lead its tough to say whether they will save themselves a little and see how it pans out or go hard like normal.

I don’t know , The Bulls can be very deadly against locals , I’ll vote Bulls … but with 1 or maybe 3 points. If they give away penalties in their own half it’s game over , then Sharks will take it

It’s Bulls at home, at the beginning of this season when the Bulls were down in durbs, they got hammered by the Sharks. Lately the Bulls seem to have found some form though. Tough call.

I reckon the bulls will clinch it. They need the points more than the sharks. home game. Time to play a real game.

@stool what’s happening man?

Don’t let those GRRR guys beat you! I made a nice move up this last weekend. I’m gaining on those fools.

Its just a sign of how busy I’ve been. Havent caught a single rugby game. Haven’t read the rugby news either. Just picking wildly and getting on with work so yeah. Really sucking this year.

Same here … no luck this year :frowning:

Some hard picks this weekend:

  • Brumbies vs Chiefs
  • Hurricanes Vs Reds
  • Cheetah’s vs Stormers

Well done @stool gaining some ground there.

thanks. lets hope it holds. you doing pretty good. TAKE THEM!

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What an upset weekend. Didn’t do my stats any good. Well done @stool you made up some serious positions.

If the Sharks can keep playing the tournament just like the Crusaders game, they’ll go all the way. What a game and what a performance it was! Epic!

The last South African side to beat the Crusaders in New Zealand was the Cats, in Nelson back in 2001

Hope you got your picks right @stool one of us needs to kick Grrr butt.

I agree ! go Stool man

i pick ahead 4 weeks every 4 weeks. I’m still good for another 2 weeks.

well done flea. you totally dominated. now wrap it up by taking the lead.

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Thanks @stool I got 7 out of 7 this weekend with two games spot on :smiley:

Time to start catching that Dragoone guy.

keep making gains. we need to surround jarrodMc with some uncomfortable wrg man love. @EyeBall @InsanityFlea

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Heading into the playoff’s

Here’s what the table looks like. @stool had a bit of a hard time this season.


i’ve been pretty busy. GERMANY!