The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)

I’m keen :smile:

I heard it’s going to be sub based. $14.99 per month


Well…maybe there will be a f2p option. Otherwise I"m stickign to lotro and GW f2p

Ja looks awesome but that’s a bit rich for a casual gamer like me.

Im not sure I can go back to the subs model. I checked recently and I have played gw2 for 508 days.
That really isnt bad for a sub free game IMHO.

I think I’ll let ESO play out for a while and if everyone goes over then I might give it a think. But almost R200 a month seems pretty steep

R162.53 at today’s rate, it’s not that bad, same price as WoW. they will probably have a discount thing where you pay for three months or something and get it at $11

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This is just frikkin awesome. I’ve been playing the Elder Scrolls games since Morrowind days. Absolutely love them. Just very sad about the monthly sub thing

I must admit, that looks very cool! But as Org said, pity about the subs

Pre-orders are open.

DIGITAL IMPERIAL EDITION €79.99 EUR - R1,230.14 (at today’s rates R16.2/Euro)
DIGITAL STANDARD EDITION €54.99 EUR - R845.60 (at today’s rates R16.2/Euro)

Both include 30 days play time, thereafter a subscription will cost €12.99 EUR per month. (R199.76 at today’s rates R16.2/Euro)

That’s too expensive for me. Sorry ESO.

If the rand ever gets back to 8ish/euro it might be viable. It will be R104 per month give or take. We last saw 8.7 rand to the euro back in Jan 2011.

And it looks soooooo good :frowning:

Blizzard’s got competition, what a cinematic!

Woah, that was a fantastic cinematic!

Here’s something i stumbled across, ESO has three currencies in which you can pay. $14.99, 12.99 Euros or 8.99 pounds. Pounds work out to be the cheapest @ R162 p/m (current rate today: 1 GPB = 18.0547 ZAR)

There are two ‘MEGASERVERS’ one in the US and one in the EU. You can pick which server you wish to play on.

You can also Purchase ESO for $59.99 from
This price falls right in line with other AAA titles.

Game time cards will also be available in our country.

Hmm, it needs a lot of polish still. The animations are clunky, the combat is numb. The story feels rushed. Initial impressions are not that good. Graphics are very good. Lets dig further.

The more I play it, the more it feels like Age of Conan set in elder scrolls lore. There’s nothing that’s keeping me hooked, I can easily walk away. Don’t compare it to Skyrim, it’s totally different. Perhaps I’m approaching this game with the wrong mindset.

So you are playing it then?
I must say it didnt grip me enough from the outset and all the media I saw of it. Looked a little slow and klunky.
I really want the next big amazing mmo to hit though, love me some mmo’s

Playing the beta yes, but the combat is getting faster and more exciting as you level, I’m only level 6 now.

I got a BETA invite for this weekend but the client is 22GB, by the time I’d be done dl’ing it there’d be nothing left of the weekend. :confused: