The Shoutbox and the cramp in the nether regions it gives me

I really don’t like the shoutbox. I mean, it works, sort of (if you only have one session open, that is), but it was a reaaal hack job to semi-integrate it with the site. The other thing that annoys me about it is that the way the site works also interferes with the visibility of the shoutbox. If you access a topic and return to main page, you have to do a full site refresh to get the shoutbox back. That’s annoying to me.

I’ve been promising (myself) that I would do something about this horror, but I really haven’t found something that would integrate nicely in a way that we have become accustomed to, at least, not without a lot of pain, but we would still have the refresh problem.

I think the solution will be to have a separate chat site that we can open in a different tab. I’ve come across something called “Let’s Chat” which looks very promising, and it looks like it will be very mobile friendly too.

I’ll look in to setting it up over the next little while, and we can give it a bash.


trial and terror

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make it happen

That server and I have a lot in common!

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