The Zephyrites are back!

The throne of the 4 winds patch just dropped, its around 400mb it seems.
Will be good fun with new content and lots of people banding together to get stuff done.
Pretty keen for this.

292mb is the patch size.

Thanks for the heads up. I can recall them always having a patch on Wednesday when we did dungeon crawls. Perfect timing :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah it sounds about normal!
Any ideas for dungeons to crawl?

Boss Blitz

The popular Crown Pavilion is open for business once again! Return to the Crown Pavilion in Divinity’s Reach to test your skill against some of the gravest threats humanity has ever faced. Within the six areas of the pavilion you’ll find foes from all across Tyria, including elite bosses that need to be defeated as part of the timed Boss Blitz event. The challenges in the pavilion have been restructured to require more coordination and teamwork than ever before!

        Take down all six bosses within the time limit for rich rewards!<br />

Or something from the events etc.

Oooooh. Excite.

I have also updated my GuildWars.

Just got home, will check if anyone is on.

Thanks for the group. Had a great time.

Yeah thanks guys, sorry I was so late.
I would totally have got daily reviver from flea if it was available yesterday :smiley:

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My toons lazy, he likes sitting on his backside doing nothing (while being rubbed up by players)

For some reason everyone was hammering on the poor downed okes last night rather than the gentle rubbing that normally happens.

Thanks Arby. You revived me a fair number of times as well. I agree daily reviver would have been trivial. I think a couple of times I revived at least 10 people in a row.

I saw you being a revive champ all over the place. I think the only times I saw you go down was reviving other people!
I have become so used to the high level fractals where everything 1 shots you that its easier to read the bosses and stay out of trouble.

Yes, I had a fair number of times where I did not break revive in time to dodge a splat. I did go down a couple of times due to my own fault as well. I have not played much in the last while, so a bit rusty unfortunately.