Things that annoy me about Far Cry 4

I’m playing Far Cry 4 at the moment. It’s very similar to Far Cry 3, but there are minor differences. Here are some of the things that annoy me about the game so far:

  1. Eagles attack you out of nowhere - at any time, and you have absolutely zero defense against them. At least if you get attacked by a dhole (wild dog), you can mash D to retaliate a bit.
  2. Random Karma events kick in at the WORST bloody times. Like when you’re climbing a) halfway up a tower OR b) halfway up a cliff.
  3. Random Karma events #2 - you usually get tasked with chasing down a courier to kill him and steal his documents, while you’re a) about to attack an outpost AND b) on foot.
  4. While you’re driving around, civilians will go out of their way to have a head-on collision with you, and you lose 50 karma points for killing an innocent.
  5. Karma events #3 - after rescuing some people either from a hostage situation or a mini battle, some kind of wild animal attack will subsequently kill off the rescued people.
  6. Rhinos are almost impossible to kill without some really heavy weaponry, a lot of bullets, and some serious dodging ability.
  7. Rhinos #2 - they usually spawn behind you when you least expect it, and run you down and kill you.
  8. After many random attacks out in the wild, I thought to myself, thank goodness that they don’t have snakes that randomly jump out and attack you (I am a bit phobic about snakes)… guess what?
  9. Invariably after leaving an outpost on some kind of (non-quest) mission, say to liberate another tower, or take another outpost, just as I leave the vicinity I’ll get a yell for help that the outpost I just left is under attack. >.<
  10. Ubisoft stupidly have online leaderboards for some of the racing events (which I’ve just unlocked) - yeah well, there are clearly people cheating with the “hidden” uplay APIs, as there are people on the leaderboards winning races in 0:00:00, or other impossible times.
  11. If you’re driving around (particularly in a race), a pedestrian will take a dive in front of your car, earning you -50 karma points.

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Enjoying it, but I doubt I’ll finish it.

I didn’t buy it because it looked like a FC3 expansion.

Got to agree with you Teegee, I’m not particularly impressed with the game

I have played just 5 mins but I agree already that it feels like a FC3 expac. I was hoping they would do more than the same… liberate towers, kill wildlife and what not. Thankfully I got FC4 free with the new SSD my wife got me for xmas :slight_smile: So I wont feel so bad if it collects virtual dust… at least for now.

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It’s keeping me entertained for now. I will probably finish it, but I doubt I’m going to let the OCD take over and collect all the little bits and bobs that they have you run after for no good reason.

It’s good fun. I like a nice single player game like this.
It’ll keep me busy until GTA V arrives on PC later this month.

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So what do you think now that you’ve played some co-op?
Admittedly I was quite far gone, so my memory of it is like I was watching tv of some bloke playing FC4. I vaguely recall some dude running around with a blue arrow over his head, me jumping on the back of his quad bike, being driven around places. I seem to recall we liberated a tower … or rather you did while I was still trying to find my way up it… did a cargo escort mission… and did we liberate a fortress? I seem to recall that we talked about it, but I can’t remember if we actually did it. :stuck_out_tongue: Damn that sangria. Evil evil stuff.

Anyway, if you haven’t already, work on upgrading your holster. If I remember correctly, this is the only item you can upgrade to maximum without needing an item from a quest. As soon as you can, buy the recurve bow, and also the sight accessory for it. Hunting animals with the bow gives you nice karma, as well as the ‘Clean Kill’ bonus, which doubles the skins you get - very useful for those annoying animals. It’s also a great stealth weapon until you can unlock the basic M700 with added silencer attachment.

Also work on upgrading your wallet. At the next-to-highest upgrade for it, it requires a ridiculous amount of 4 rhino skins. It’s a pretty damned massive wallet. You need a cart to drag it around :stuck_out_tongue:
FWIW, it takes ~15 arrows to kill a rhino. Easiest thing to do is to get a tree in between you and it, run around the tree keeping the tree between you, and you should be able to take it out with your weapon of choice. Using arrows alone is a bit crazy. Ultimately you’re going to need a total of 6(?) rhino skins for all the crafting. Don’t feel too bad about killing rhinos… Kyrat has a rhino breeding program, so they’re pretty much overpopulated, as you’ll discover when you’re trying to win races and keep coming up on herds of the damned things.

My current weapon loadout is as follows:

(1) is the RPG.
(2) Sidearm is the small grenade launcher. Carries about 22 rounds.
(3) is the signature M700, which is silenced and has a nice zoomable scope. I don’t recall the unlock criteria.
(4) is a semi-automatic SMG with silencer… I forget the model, but you can unlock it relatively early (silencer is extra).

When I need to, I swap out the RPG for the recurve bow. I use it a lot less now though, since I have the signature M700.

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This game is very very repetitive. So much so that I got annoyed and just wanted to complete the story line so I could consider it finished.

Easiest way to take outposts: Use the mini chopper, hover above an outpost, and use your mini grenade launcher to wipe everybody out. Cake and pie.

Towers: Land the chopper on the most convenient landing spot partway up, and climb the rest of the way.