Thinking about upgrading your R9 card?

Well, dont. Finally a game which shows what the card can really do.
Lots of people approached me and asked if they should buy an Nvidia 9 series. My answer was no & still is no.
Nothing wrong with the R9 series Radeon’s. The new Fiji chips are due next month as well.

Please note that this is an Nvidia optimized game using Nvidia gameworks.
R9 290x beats a 780ti & just lags behind a 980 by 5-6 FPS :laughing:

Below is a benchmark run of The Witcher 3: Wild hunt.

With Nvidia hairworks enabled:

Sadly due to Gameworks, AMD is not allowed to poke into the code to optimize for their compute.
R9 290x ~ GTX 970

Utter madness :hankey:

And because CD Projekt Red and AMD are not allowed to work towards
identifying and addressing the real culprit behind this poor performance
in the game code we’re back to square one

But actually doesn’t make sense considering the PS4 uses AMD ?

You’d think so, because all consoles use AMD’s tech. Good luck trying to corner the PC market Nvidia.
I’ll probably pick up this game on a steam special somewhere down the line.