Thinking of shutting this site down

This site has been going since 2005. We used to be very active with Battlefield 2, and then Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, etc. This site brought people together. It tore people apart. People have come and gone, but quite a few stayed. It has forged some long term friendships.

14 years later, and while the community still lives, it lives in other areas. Mainly Discord, and (currently) Telegram. Barely anybody visits the site anymore. I’ve tried to drum up activity, but I’m not good at it. I never was. It’s pure luck that any kind of community formed.

I still haven’t made a final decision. It’s tough. This community has been a huge part of my life since I started it (and actively coerced people in to helping me). It has helped me grow and come out of my shell. I’m still horribly awkward socially, but you guys helped me a lot, even if you didn’t know you were. I can’t thank you enough.

But time has passed, and we have moved on to other things and other places. It’s time to let this place go. Or to pass it on. As the case may be.

I think it’s time to shut the site down, and let the domain go. The community can live on in Discord and Telegram. Who knows what the future will bring?

I post this here for comment, as always. However with the low traffic, I’m not sure it will be seen, in which case I’ll silently shut things down in a while… crocodile.

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As luck would have it, I just upgraded the site software shortly before posting this, and it seems to be crashing now. /sigh

Very Sad.
Used be on here permanently, still the first bookmark on my toolbar.
I guess the world and everyone here has moved on :cry:

Thanks you TGee for creating this place for us all to meet, chat and share good times.
All the effort you have put in over the years has meant a great deal to all of us.

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With the rise of other social platforms, forums are a rare breed these days. It’s been very very empty here. Dibs on the domain name. :rofl: It’s time for the minions to carry the torch

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The minions seem to Discord a fair bit!