This is a Trent Reznor song


You can be so glad the rep system is not working !!

What do you mean? It works fine.

There is “like” but no “dislike” or “hate” or “kill this wannabe-artist-making-a-noise”

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Why would you want to hate me for it? I didn’t make it. If you want to hate on it, go sign up at soundcloud and downrate it or whatever they do. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love it! totally different!

You posted it and with that gave the impression that you think it is awesome enough to share it with us. It will be like admitting publicly that you like Celine Dion - do you?

You’re talking to the guy that shared this:

Touche … touche … I think we need to drink whiskey and have some chicken wings

Hahaha, this made me lol! Very well done though…

Lekker song. This is a Drusky post which requires more than ten characters. Hahah, TG you did this to yourself :psycho:

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It now has a video:

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