titanfall isn’t that good , played hawken last night , and wow … awesome game again , nice and smooth , you don’t need to spend real money if you are willing to play to get upgrades .

sorry to say , but EA games is on my “Do not use” list . my BF4 was good , no crashes , until the last update … no I crash and if I finish 2 rounds without crashing , well say that I’m very lucky then


Titanfall has officially been yanked from our country. No retailers are allowed to sell it.
You can however still purchase this game and play from here IF you want, but why bother?
(think 200+ ms in a FPS)


I agree , useless EA … but it’s ok , they will feel the pain of people not buying their stuff


Im glad its gone, no more temptation to buy EA.


LOL, EA have done it again. (remember BF3 just launched and shortly after BF4 was announced?)

Titanfall 2.


It’s EA :space_invader: similar server crap as BF1 but it looks beautiful and sounds like they tried fixing all the other gripes with the 1st one.

Rated: minor L


Yes. 2$ ho ho ho ho.