This looks quite interesting , don’t think I’ll get this one , but can be a fun game with the Mech’s

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Unfortunately it’s an EA title, so that puts me right off.


puts me off badly too but man that could be a lot of fun.


titans are so OP man. What bs.

No more EA for me thanks.

not totally , in the Vid the guy jumped on the back , ripped off a panel and killed it quite quickly

I think it could be really cool if its not as screwed up as BF4. wait and check what the reviews are like or find a friend who played it and ask… looks really cool

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I was being the typical BF4 player these days.

Beta signups are here: http://www.titanfall.com/beta

If you wish to frustrate yourself.

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FWIW, there are NO South african servers.

From DGL:

So , I got the Beta invite yesterday and Downloaded it .

Once you start the game you go through Pilot training.
Quite nice idea. you have double jump cause of your jetpack you have . you can wall run . each class has a anti-titan gun , it does quite a lot of damage .

The titan itself if not OP like everyone though. it’s almost like the main battle tank in bf4. yes it’s strong , yes it has big guns , moves quite quick BUT like in BF4 , having two or more engineers with rpg’s shooting the tank from all sides makes you go Dead quite quick

on really nice thing on the titan is the shield, it’s a catch all shield that you have to activate.
once activated you catch all bullets , rockets , nades and keeps it , once you are ready it returns the stuff back at the attackers :smile:

I’ll get some screenshots tonight.

Ps the GFX isn’t bad , a bit Half-life feel to it , but really not bad. maybe as it’s a beta the “pretty” hasn’t been added yet

It is the source engine, so it will be very half-life like.

That already is very appealing to me. I have always played best on source engined stuff.

sort out the server issue and i will buy… looks really cool

Does the logo on the bottom right not put you off it at all?

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It surely does, I plan to never support EA again tbh. They will have to release something very desirable for me to do that.

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I see I have beta access now, will download it sometime to check it out. Going to be laggy as heck though.

Just a heads up for those who are thinking of purchasing this/ who have purchased this, there is now a ‘season’ pass you can buy which will give you all the upcoming DLC’s. (Battlefield premium concept) & of course a paid DLC system.

Good ol EA.

PS. I’m not buying it. GOT ESO COMING!