Trust Levels and Automatic Promotion

When you create an account for the site you become trust level 0. If you’re invited and you create your account via the supplied link, you become trust level 1 (basic).

A level 0 needs to do the following before being automatically promoted to level 1 (I’m not sure if these rules are AND or OR - I suspect AND):

  • Open 5 topics
  • Read 50 posts (Easy if you read the Shoutbox topic)
  • Spend 15 minutes reading posts

Trust level 1 users have the ability to use private messaging.

Although the minimum trust level to create a topic is 0, there must be some underlying behaviour preventing this. I’m not sure if that setting is currently being ignored.

To be promoted to trust level 2 (regular), you must:

  • Open 20 topics
  • Read 100 posts
  • Spend 60 minutes reading posts
  • Visit the site for 15 days
  • Have received 1 like
  • Have given 1 like
  • Replied to 3 different topics

There are no automatic rules at this current point to promote to levels 3 (leader) and 4 (elder), although in the next release apparently there will be rules for auto promotion to level 3, along with a special “Lounge” category for >=level 3 (Although I don’t think we will necessarily use this feature).


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Gas, you need to go in to your profile and change your username.

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You are a crazy person, talking about Gus when Im clearly talking about Gas…
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I did change my nick … right after I realised it took my secret email address as a user name. I then checked this morning and it did not save the changes - but it should be fine now

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Thank you. I corrected it. Note that the “5” confuses quite a few people, especially @ANiMOSiTY

Ah. Wanting to avoid the Gay-5-can issue, eh?

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Is this a race? If so I don’t consider the title “elder” as being a suitable prize.

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No man :frowning:
It’s not the same anymore… Gascan doesn’t have the same striking visual as Ga5can.


@ANiMOSiTY gets confused easily so I understand where you are going with the name.

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