1. Exclude folders & processes from windows defender/Security essentials
  2. Nvidia card owners, set the game to DX9 to avoid crashes

While loading up ArcheAge I noticed windows defender goes berserk, slowing down the initial loading. Turning defender off and the game loads up in no time. (Windows 10, haven’t tested 8.1 yet)

Thanks, I’ve added it to exclusions, hopefully it will help with Lolla’s machine - that bugger can take up to 20 mins to load the game some times.

FWIW, you need to exclude these as well.

Yup, I’ve excluded ALL related executables (damn there’s a lot), as well as excluding the relevant folders (including C:\Archeage)

on windows 8.1, we don’t notice it on the ssd’s but without it excluded the game creates an abnormally large temp file (mine was around 75Gb) I’m adding the exclusions to all my machines.