Unreal Tournament


The new version of UT is in development, almost due for release. It is free to play, and is currently playable.

You will need an Epic Games account in order to download the Epic Games launcher, from within which you will be able to download Unreal Tournament (as well as Unreal Engine 4 if you’re so inclined). You can even contribute to development if you want.


Just bumping this.

A few of us have this installed already, and I’m keen for getting my bottom handed to me.

It’s Free!


I’m keen to give it a try as well

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Make sure your UT install is up to date. It updates fairly often.

Flea and I gave it a bash tonight. I had forgotten how fast paced this game is. Good fun though.

TG loves shooting you in the back :confounded:

There is a ZA hub from which we created our own match and added some bots.

When you’re connected to the ZA Johannesburg hub, there’s a button at the top ‘Download All Content’. Click that to get their custom maps.
It’s not terribly fast.

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Im downloading currently

We will attempt this tonight.

@Rizzy, @BlackSheep, @AntyBubbS, @InsanityFlea Hitch up them britches.


The ZA hub should be fine.

I didn’t realise how big an update I would need :sob: 5.2gb

Can we postpone until tomorrow night?

Tomorrow is Thursday…

I can make it tonight :slight_smile:

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Sorry peeps. I’ll try make it next time. Otherwise, I’ll pull in for Muster