Urgent Origin warning

This is probably a bit late for some people, but it may help others.

Do NOT let Origin store your payment details! Please go double check that you do not have any stored payment details in Origin, or on the website: http://store.origin.com

Also please enable login verification (via the web site, not sure if you can do it in the client) - this will request a one time password from unrecognized devices.

There are lots of reports of Origin accounts being hacked, and unauthorized purchases being made. Although you can request Origin to refund the purchases, there have been reports of accounts being banned (notably after refunding purchases of FIFA), and then Origin support being unresponsive with queries.


Thanks for the warning.
Sorry @Punky3025 to hear they got to yours

Well, my Origin account has now been banned.

On the 29th of December, somebody from Singapore fraudulently purchased FIFA 15 on my account.
It seems they used it to mine/generate FIFA 15 currency, which is obviously against the EA Terms of Service.

So, yea… I’m ecstatic about this, obviously.

I’ve logged a case with EA - let’s see what happens.

Sorry to say, but going on what I’ve seen on reddit, you’re screwed. EA/Origin support are pretty useless.

oh crap! that’s terrible.

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Really not good stories here: http://www.reddit.com/r/origin