Valheim - Mistlands update

So I know that some of the Geeks & purple minions liked Valheim when it was released.
It was really great, but once you took out the boss of the plains the game had no more real challenge and so interest waned.

The fairly recently released Mistlands update has added so much to the game it’s really given it a whole new lease of life! Piano and I started a new playthrough and have been playing it for quite a while now.
We’ve just unlocked a whole new tier of stuff and have started making magic things now, so it’s really opened up for us.

The wiki will give you a lot more than I can, but a note that is pretty cool - there’s a new clothing trader (yawn)… except she gives you quests that take you all over the map through some pretty hectic battles to retrieve her lost items, so that adds quite a bit of replayability. We’ve managed to conquer only one of the challenges so far, but haven’t transported her items back to her yet - no idea what the prize will be.

I also gather that the Ashlands update is out to the beta testers, so chances are that will add further stuff - I can’t wait!

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