Very handy tool for cleaning your PC (among other things)

I just wrote up a review on Newegg for:

I typically do not write reviews but I thought this was such a great product I had to. If you use canned air to clean out your PC… STOP. Get one of these. I couldn’t believe how much power this thing has. It also can be used to do many other things around the house. I’ve never seen so much dust removed from my PC… it looks almost brand new again.

Problem is we don’t get that here. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’ve got a compressor w/ water filter, which works quite well.

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I also have a compressor, I use it for my air tools and for spraying, but for peeps here that don’t have one or dont need one, try this:

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I’ve been using one of those for ages, I have the makita. Works like a bomb.
Just take care, the nozzle has the potential to build up a lot of static electricity
especially on some of them where the nozzle is plastic and we have lost some memory modules before.

You’re not supposed to touch the gadgets with the blower. :stuck_out_tongue: