(videos) Muster - 31-07-2014

Sun glare, you suck - @Souper

Selfish people - @ANiMOSiTY

I’ll survive! - Flea (no soundtrack because I don’t want a copyright claim)

Stabby Stabby Moment - @Bass

Flea’s annoying washing machine - @Vorty (Aircon!)

Everyday i’m javelin-ing - Flea

I know your tactics! - @BlackSheep

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i swear my eyes are still watering and beginning to twitch. Last time my eye twitched it lasted for weeks. I blame you @ANiMOSiTY

I’ve just realized how my mic makes my voice sound so high pitched :s (no my underwear wasn’t tight)

The enemy y u no SSD thing, I feel that often…
Running about waiting for people to load.

Heh - nice assortment of clips there flea ! :smiley:

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:smiley: Stop looking at it

stop pointing it at me :slight_smile:

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I’m backing away now.